The Apartments

WAVE 6 is a new project that includes a 3 storey main building with access through two different entrance halls that will enable to reach the 10 luxurious apartments among which 3 will benefit from an outstanding penthouse terrace with private gardens, summer kitchen and Jacuzzi.

The underground garage will offer 15 single parking and 11 double depth parking bays as well as 11 large dry cellars. Some of the parking bays will be fitted with electric plugs enabling the charge of electric vehicles.

All apartments will be equipped with an integrated house control system enabling a remote control of various functionalities such as lightning, air conditioning and alarm. All interior and exterior common areas will be fitted with infrared cameras linked to a security company available 24/7. The heated pool will be filtered through a salt system and will be covered. The existing palm and olive trees will be kept and completed with other Mediterranean species. The private gardens area will be delivered with grass and automatic watering system.



All living rooms and kitchens will be fitted with marble as well as guest toilets and bathrooms. Each apartment will have a centralized vacuum cleaner system with plugs in each room. The air conditioning system will be reversible offering both heating and cooling functions.


In addition to the high quality materials used throughout this project, a referenced professional will deliver kitchens on demand according to each owner’s taste.


Bedrooms and dressing will receive wide oak parquet floor. The doors of the wall cupboards as well as those of the dressing areas will be customizable to the taste of each Owner by a specialized carpenter.


The bathrooms will be equipped with brushed stainless steel radiators/towel dryer, Italian showers with built in commands and options for a sauna function. Hot water will be supplied from a common water tank heated by solar panel located on the roof of the side building.


Although ecologically minded, WAVE 6 will assure upmost security for all accommodations. Doors will be armoured 5 points doors fitted with encrypted keys. All apartments will be equipped with anti-intrusion alarms linked to the domotic Home system which itself is linked to a security company.